First rural UK community connects to Vodafone’s 3G mobile broadband

Minchinhampton is a market town in Gloucestershire, England, and this hilltop community becomes the first of the initial 30 communities earmarked and announced, to receive mobile broadband coverage on the Vodafone 3G network. The announcement follows the implementation of the Rural-Open-Sure-Signal Programme by the mobile operator. Vodafone had first trialled the Open Sure Signal technology, […]

Vodafone’s 3G coverage for UK’s remote and rural areas

Vodafone has announced its plans for rolling out 3G coverage for UK’s remote areas. The telecom giant has embarked on this new project for bringing 3G connectivity to those rural and remote communities in UK that struggle towards accessing mobile data networks. This scheme, termed ‘Sure Signal’, makes use of femtocell technology which involves the […]

World Traveller launched by Vodafone UK for mobile roaming world over

World Traveller for mobile broadband roaming across the world, launched recently by Vodafone UK, is claimed to be a cheaper option for customers. The World Traveller add-on is similar to Vodafone’s Euro Traveller service. World Traveller at £5 (inclusive of VAT) per day will help mainly pay-monthly customers enjoy their existing text, voice and data […]

Vodafone UK gives 4G customers free Netflix for 6 months

Vodafone is giving 6 months of Netflix subscription for free to customers signing-up on the 4G phone and mobile broadband plans. The promotional offer has gone live as on 1st July, 2014. Vodafone’s deal with the film and TV streaming service gives customers joining from 1st July to 31st December of this year on a […]

Vodafone agrees to ban mid-contract price hike

Vodafone has pledged to stop any increase of monthly fees for mobile customers, between the start and end dates of a contract. Vodafone becomes the second network operator of UK, after Three, to ban mid-contract hike in prices. This applies regardless of the contract duration and also to both new and existing mobile customers. Thanks […]

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