“Flash Sale” on Virgin Media’s ultrafast Standalone Cable Broadband packages.

Virgin Media, one of the biggest ISPs in UK, has started a “Flash Sale”, by offering price cuts from existing discounts offered on their ultrafast packages from 50Mbps to 300Mbps services on the standalone cable broadband service. New customers will be able to avail this offer up to the 11th October. This price cut apples […]

Virgin Media starts work to put 8,000 Ashford premises on faster broadband

Virgin Media has begun work to connect more premises in Ashford, Kent, to their fibre-optic broadband, offering faster speeds. The company is adding 8,000 businesses and households to their superfast network, in a rollout that plans to reach 108,000 premises in Kent, as part of their Project Lightning with a spend of £3 billion. The […]

Virgin Media rollout to add 42,000 premises in Devon to 300Mbps service

As part of the Project Lightning, Virgin Media has announced that the expansion of their ultrafast 300Mbps fibre broadband and TV service will soon benefit an additional 42,000 premises in Devon. Their latest deployment work has started in Torquay. The rollout will probably put almost 24,000 additional premisses here connected. The project in Devon apparently […]

Virgin Media will be offering 100Mbps broadband as standard

The major cable broadband and TV operator, Virgin Media, will be soon offering 100Mbps as standard and also making available a 300Mbps service more widely available. The major communications provider while launching the new Virgin Fibre service, announced that their entry level package as faster than its rivals’ top speeds. The TV provider also said […]

Virgin Media to put 10,000 premises in Midlothian area on Ultrafast Broadband

Virgin Media is continuing with its Project Lightning network expansion and confirmed that Midlothian in Scotland will gain access to their TV and broadband services soon. Some 10,000 premises will be benefiting by their lines capable of 300Mbps, towards the end of 2018, as part of a wider expansion plan across Scotland aiming to add […]

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