Coverage of Three UK’s 4G network reaches 91% of UK population

One of UK’s major mobile operators, Three UK, has published their results for the first half of this year. The latest results point to increased coverage of their 3G and 4G indoor network from 81% in 2015, to 97% now. The operator’s 4G coverage has reached 91% of the UK population, it was revealed. Three […]

Will you ditch your slow landline for Three’s mobile broadband?

With the launch of the HomeFi 4G broadband service, Three UK is hoping to persuade you to drop your ISP’s standard non-fibre broadband connection, if you live in an area with strong 4G signal. Chances are that you landline delivered broadband is slower than mobile 4G based broadband. Three UK is hoping to end this […]

Three UK boosts indoor 4G mobile coverage to 92%

The indoor mobile coverage on Three UK’s 4G (LTE) network has got a boost from 80%, as on June, to 93% at present. This is thanks mainly to the increased rollout of the the lower frequency band of 800MHz. In fact, another 42 roaming destinations have been added recently elsewhere. Up to now, the 800MHz […]

Launch of commercial VoLTE first by Three UK on 4G network

Three UK has now become the first UK provider to deploy the Voice-over LTE commercial service over their network. The service offers high-quality voice calling and messaging of text, over their 4G network, which is usually data centric. Other advantages of the Super Voice service is it uses the 800MHz band of the radio spectrum […]

4G Mobile Broadband network of Three UK covers 48% of UK

Three UK, the network which focuses on mobile data traffic, has announced that their 4G network is now available to 48% of UK. This follows its first year of physical deployment work and the next enhancement is anticipated to help increase greatly this percentage. Most of the work on 4G (LTE at 1800MHz) has been […]

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