Great Connection Guarantee by TalkTalk

One of the ISPs TalkTalk has announced that they have introduced a new offer of “Great Connection Guarantee” to their FTTC based faster fibre broadband services. It is only applicable to new customers and not for existing customers. When the subscribers are not satisfied, the new feature enables them to enjoy no penalty while leaving […]

Talktalk’s special price for its Faster Fibre Large plan

One of the UK ISPs, TalkTalk has revised to slash the price of their FTTC broadband plan – Fast Fibre Large (Faster Fibre with speed boost) at a special price of £25 per month for a contract term of 18 months along with fixed price guarantee for the minimum term. There is a one time […]

Talktalk’s price drop on unlimited home and FTTC broadband plans

TalkTalk, one of the leading ISPs, has brought a good news of price drop in their unlimited home and FTTC broadband packages. Their plans are detailed below. 1)Fast Broadband (upto 17 Mbps down & 1 Mbps up speed) at a price of £17 per month (£27 thereafter) with a contract term of 12 months. 2)Fast […]

Launch of TalkTalk’s new Wifi Extender cum Powerline Device

One of the leading ISPs, TalkTalk has recently introduced its new product “Wifi Extender Kit” which works as wifi extender cum powerline adapter. The new product is available at a discount of 35% to the existing TalkTalk customers at a price of £55 by applying the Voucher Code “EXTENDTT18” and its regular price is £85. […]

TalkTalk proposes new company to provide 3 million premises with fibre broadband

TalkTalk says they are discussing a plan to jointly create a company with Infracapital, to provide a 1Gbps ultrafast broadband on FTTH/P tech, to cover 3 million British premises. The proposed company, with a total investment of some £1.5 billion, would reach mid-sized tons and cities in the UK. The debt-laden budget ISP revealed the […]

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