Orange and T-Mobile Say No to Mobile Broadband Spectrum Sharing

Prominent mobile broadband service providers operating in the United Kingdom, Orange and T-Mobile that are all set to form the biggest mobile broadband supplier in the UK through a merger, have sparked off a new controversy by refusing to spare even a chunk of the radio spectrum allocated to them for the benefit of their […]

Merger Finalised by T-Mobile and Orange

It could be the precursor of a historic event – the merger of two rival mobile broadband providers operating in the United Kingdom – so called because the proposed merger would be resulting in the formation of a new prominent mobile broadband provider in the country, destabilising the equations of competition in the market a […]

T-Mobile Launches Two PAYG Broadband Packages

T-Mobile, one of the leading mobile broadband operators in the United Kingdom who have come into big time news recently for its plans to merge with Orange to for m the largest mobiles operator in the country, has introduced a couple of new PAYG broadband deals, as per fresh reports. According to a pro-broadband website, […]

Historic T-Mobile-Orange Merger Impede 900MHz Spectrum Resolution

The writings on the wall is very much clear; and it points to a historical merger of the UK operations of the UK internet broadband service providers, T-mobile and Orange. This merger has been called historic for the reason that it would stand to create a gargantuan mobile operator in the United Kingdom that would […]

T-Mobile for Merger with Orange, as O2 and Vodafone Make £3.5bn Bids

It is very much unlikely that Rene Obermann, the chief executive of T-Mobile would agree upon the GBP 3.5 billion bids made by both O2 and Vodafone for acquiring the UK assets of T-Mobile. The situation is significant because, T-Mobile with its 14.9 per cent of mobile revenues share, at present comes in the fourth […]

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