UK’s cheapest mobile phone, Alcatel 1010 launched on T-Mobile network

UK’s cheapest mobile phone, Alcatel 1010 has been launched in the UK. It is reported that Asda will sell this mobile phone for just £5 making it the cheapest one. This feature phone is built with 1.45 inch screen, 3MB of memory, wireless FM radio, an in-built MP3 player and a hands-free function. It weighs […]

About T-Mobile Wireless Card

The phenomenal growth of the third generation wireless data transfer standards has been attributed to the widespread demand for internet access irrespective of location or the availability of a physical data network. A couple of ideal examples for this fact are the mobile phones – T-Mobile/Google G1 and Apple iPhone that use traditional as well […]

T-Mobile Orange Merger appears Shady for Consumer Groups

It has been reported that the consumer groups were pressing for a detailed probe into the untoward effects on the United Kingdom market triggered by the Orange-T-Mobile merger that has been already announced. The consumer groups’ main requirement is the ensuring of a comprehensive exploration of the merger’s potential effect on the market after the […]

Charity and T-Mobile Teams up to give Broadband to School

Leading mobile broadband provider operating in the United Kingdom, T-Mobile has reportedly teamed up with a national charity with a view to provide the school pupils in Warrington with broadband internet services. This has been revealed by the mobile broadband supplier that has been in the news for some time now for its merging operations […]

Fresh Broadband Laptop Deals

T-Mobile, one of the five leading mobile operators functioning in the United Kingdom, seems determined to take on the rival mobile broadband providers O2, Vodafone and 3 UK by announcing a couple of broadband bundle packages. The new broadband laptop bundle packages offered by T-Mobile comes as part of its mobile broadband deals, according to […]

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