Advantages of Facebook’s heat map

On a blog, an engineer from Facebook’s cache performance group, Sean Lynch wrote that when something goes wrong in a social networking, it becomes very difficult to find out the fault as Facebook has grown in size as well as intricacy. In supervising operations at the data centre, the use of heat map is a […]

Facebook should turn off its facial recognition technology

Billy Hawkes who is the Irish Data Protection Commissioner has ordered Facebook to switch off their new face recognition feature. But Facebook indicates that the disabling of its face recognition feature will be only for the temporary period. Mr. Richard Allan who is the EMEA director of policy of Facebook said that they main aim […]

Facebook boost fears with its new ad tracking

Currently Facebook is toiling with the controversial data firm known as Datalogix which can easily track if the people who view advertisement on the social networking website will end up to purchase those products available in the stores. Due to the increasing pressure upon the social networking website to affirm the value of their ads, […]

Mozilla and ZTE to release Firefox OS

Chinese mobile phone manufacturer ZTE has disclosed that together with Mozilla it will introduce the new Firefox operating system by the end of this year. Although the commitment of the company is to both windows phone and android, David Dai Shu who is the spokesperson of ZTE told Reuters that the company is planning to […]

IonMonkey Speedup JavaScript

Mozilla recently proclaimed the JavaScript processing which is the main element for the great performance of the browser. It will be boosted by the latest technology termed as IonMonkey. This new technology will increase substantially the speed performance of the Firefox on the popular websites ranging from Facebook to Google Docs. It is good news […]

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