Pipex Home Broadband Not For Businesses

  The popular internet service provider of the UK, Pipex broadband services, recently revealed that nearly two thirds of the British small businesses still relied on a home broadband connection for their routine use that very much amounted to professional use. Pipex had held a survey participating nine hundred small business owners, 64 percent among […]

Download Speed is Not the Critical Factor, Says Pipex

Pipex Internet, a business internet service provider that offers the SMEs in the UK, an array of broadband packages. They are also one of the lot who offer ADSL high speed broadband connections, especially to satiate the needs of businesses. In this segment, the downstream speeds offered by Pipex around 16Mbps is quiet impressive. Quiet […]

Faster Uploads Offered by Pipex

  Pipex Internet, an extension of Tiscali offers a wide array of broadband packages for the UK SMEs. It is also a business ISP that offers high speed broadband by engaging ADSL technology. It assumes the name Pipex Business here for catering the needs of a good range of businesses, with a premium broadband offers […]

UK ISP Nildram Launches Enhanced Upstream And SDSL Broadband

  A couple of broadband services, which are Tiscali ADSL 2+ technology-based product infrastructure extentions, have been launched by Nildram UK ISP, the joint venture of Pipex and Tiscali. Nildram is one ISP that is famous for its helping organisations of different sizes to web-enable their operations, ranging from micro home/office to enterprises of medium […]

Pipex unveils new business broadband deals

Following the suit of other ISPs who move towards high speed broadband internet, Pipex announced the launch of four new business broadband packages with various features to cater the needs of businesses. Pipex will offer up to 16MB broadband to the customers using their bundled exchanges while in areas, where Pipex has not setup its […]

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