EE announces launch of 4G home broadband service for rural areas

EE has recently announced the launch of 4G powered super fast home broadband service for rural communities to be scheduled for November. The announcement has been made to commemorate the first anniversary of the launch of UK’s first 4G network. Superfast broadband connectivity will be done for those areas that currently do not have this […]

Orange broadband free printer offer

Anyone that wishes to lay hands on a fresh printer to go with a fresh home broadband service can sign up with Orange Broadband UK, one of the popular home broadband providers operating in the United Kingdom, and get a HP printer for free. This is an exclusive deal available on broadband price comparison website, […]

Cheaper Broadband Bundle from Orange

Orange sources has announced fresh mobile broadband services for its subscribers, which means cheap rates of roaming data. According to the announcement made by the prominent mobile broadband operator in the United Kingdom, the GBP 1.73 daily rate for 2MB of roaming data that was introduced originally in Romania and Spain has now been opened […]

Orange tops YouGov Mobile Broadband Survey

The latest survey carried out by YouGov has rated Orange Mobile Broadband, the top mobile broadband provider for both reliability and customer service. The survey dubbed YouGov Dongle Tracker is one of the most reliable surveys carried out in the United Kingdom. It is also worth noting that out of a total of fifteen categories, […]

Half-price Mobile Broadband deals unveiled by Orange

Orange, one of the leading provider of mobile broadband internet service in the United Kingdom, has confirmed that it was introducing a scheme according to which its subscribers can enjoy the initial three months on a couple of the provider’s mobile broadband packages at half the original price. It has been further announced by the […]

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