Ofcom persuades BT to reduce line rental for landline-only phone customers

Customers of BT who have opted for the landline only phone from the provider, will pay £7 lesser per month on their line rental from 1 April next year. Ofcom has persuaded BT to this move which will benefit nearly a million customers of the operator, especially elderly customers. Ofcom’s decision is drawn from its […]

Ofcom to push changes, providers not to charge caller display

Ofcom will be introducing a number of changes next year to protect consumers and has announced the removal of charges by providers for caller display as one of such moves. In 2018, from 1st October, Ofcom will push changes through. Removal of charges like these are welcome as they have been known to catch people […]

Ofcom adds 5.8GHz band usage to WiFi networks in UK

Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, has made 125MHz of radio spectrum additionally available to help Wi-Fi networks in UK, by interdicting support to the 5.8GHz (5725MHz to 5850NHz) of the radio spectrum sub-brand to facilitate faster speeds. UK’s telecoms regulator has been consulting on the changes proposed, for the last 13 to 14 months and reported […]

BT broadband tops the table for customer complaints

BT, the telecom giant, along with its subsidiaries EE and Plusnet, were found to have generated over the first 3 months of the year, more customer complaints among broadband providers, more than any other competitor. Over the first quarter of the year, BT generated in total 34 complaints per 100,000 broadband subscribers, as against the […]

Ofcom wants info regarding upload and download speeds on advertisement

Ofcom the telecoms regulator wants to revise the code of practice for broadband providers regarding information on speed and to make it available on advertisements in future, according to some reports. The service provider would be required to show both download and upload speeds, which is one of the points being considered by Ofcom when […]

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