TalkTalk, Post Office, Vodafone are most complained-about providers, finds Ofcom

In an Ofcom report released recently, the most complained-about telecom companies are TalkTalk, Post Office and Vodafone. The study between July and September of last year by Ofcom, considered complaints against the 6 or 7 largest providers in each sector. They make up 90% of the market. The regulator noted a small increase in complaints […]

Final Electronic Communications Code of Practice published by Ofcom

The final version of the Code of Practice has been published by Ofcom for the Electronic Communications Code (ECC) reformed by the government. The ECC aims at making the deployment of new infrastructure, like fibre cables, masts etc., on private or public land for mobile and broadband operators, easier and cheaper. Presently, mobile or broadband […]

Ofcom to closely monitor Openreach’s legal separation from BT

Ofcom will be keeping a close watch on the legal separation of the infrastructure body Openreach from parent giant BT. This follows the agreement of BT to the regulatory body’s demand for making its subsidiary Openreach into a distinct, legally separate company. As part of this, the infrastructure subsidiary will be required to have its […]

Ofcom sets automatic compensation for broadband customers receiving poor service

Ofcom has revealed a new automatic compensation scheme to payout to customers receiving delayed or poor service by their broadband or landline provider. The regulator has invited all major broadband and landline providers to sign-up for this initiative. At present Sky, BT, TalkTalk, Zen Internet and Virgin Media have all signed up. By these major […]

Ofcom persuades BT to reduce line rental for landline-only phone customers

Customers of BT who have opted for the landline only phone from the provider, will pay £7 lesser per month on their line rental from 1 April next year. Ofcom has persuaded BT to this move which will benefit nearly a million customers of the operator, especially elderly customers. Ofcom’s decision is drawn from its […]

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