BT and KCOM named as the USPs by Ofcom

The regulating authority Ofcom has brought a proposal that BT & KCOM are being named as the Universal Service Providers. The appointment is as per the Government’s new Universal Service Obligation to make it possible from 2020 to cater slow speed areas to get atleast 10 mbps broadband. They aim to focus on last 1-2% […]

5 ISPs express their interest for USO of 10 Mbps

The regulating authority Ofcom has informed that there are five ISPs BT, Hyperoptic, KCOM, Quickline and Broadway Partners expressed their interest to become suppliers for Universal Service Obligation. The service is to provide a minimum broadband speed of 10 Mbps from 2020 to all those in a slow speed area. The USO is focusedĀ on servicing […]

Ofcom UK appoint Mansoor Hanif as new CTO

Ofcom, UK’s telecommunications and media regulator, has informed that they have appointed Mansoor Hanif as their new Chief Technology Officer. Mansoor Hanif is the former Director of BT’s EE. He is taking over position of Steve Unger (departed in June 2018) with effect from September 17, 2018. Mansoor Hanif was lastly worked as Director in […]

Ofcom’s call for expression of interest on USO by the ISPs

The communications regulator in the UK, Ofcom has invited the Internet Service Providers in the UK to express their interest as to become a supplier for the provision of Universal Service Obligation which enable the anyone in the poor/ slow speed area to ask for and get a minimum of 10 Mbps+ internet speed (downloand […]

Government puts broadband USO date as 2020 for Ofcom to work on

The government of UK has given two years to the regulator Ofcom to implement the broadband Universal Service Obligation (USO), which means 2020 is the deadline. By that date everybody in the UK will get a legal right to request for an affordable connection providing speeds of 10Mbps at least. This right is part of […]

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