Email accounts will be closed from Nov 1 2013, O2 UK reminds

O2 has announced that the free email and web mail service will be closed to all mobile customers from November 1st 2013. The service will be closed as it has become infamous among users. Although announcement regarding the closure was made earlier in July/August 2013 many customers were not aware of it. It is reported […]

O2: 4G mobile network launch by August end in UK

O2 has recently announced the launch date for 4G mobile network to be August 29. The service will be available initially in Leeds, London and Bradford with speeds reaching more than 3G. By the end of the year the service will be extended to 10 more cities. It is reported that O2 will now compete […]

O2 customers hook free to WiFi on Tube, ahead of schedule

Although the mobile operator O2 of UK had recently announced a delay in offering its WiFi services free on the tube, until 22 July this year, they have been able now to advance forward the date of launch. O2 has begun services and its customers can now access free the WiFi service installed by Virgin […]

WiFi hotspot deal between BT and O2 closes this June end

A four year deal between BT and O2 ends this month (June 2013) and hence O2 subscribers will no longer be able to use BT’s Openzone public Wi-fi hotspots from July 1st. This was announced by O2 recently. Henceforth, customers are required to use O2 WiFi hotspots to get connected wherever they go and wireless […]

Deal signed between O2 UK and BT Wholesale for faster 4G mobile broadband

BT Wholesale and O2 UK have signed a ten year deal for the introduction of faster 4G mobile broadband services. This is to facilitate both customers and operators through the construction of a new high capacity transmission network. This new network is aimed at providing mobile operators with enough network capacity in order to meet […]

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