O2 plans for mobile upgrade in rural communities worth upto £45m

One of the leading mobile operators O2 has informed that they will make investment further in expanding their 4 mobile network to cover extra 339 rural communities in the UK by the end of this year and it may benefit around 2.5 lakhs residents in the areas. The areas that may get benefited include from […]

Three UK & O2 tie-up with SSE Enterprise Telecoms to grow fibre network in London

Three UK and O2, who are basically the mobile operators in the UK, have planned to improve their 3G, 4G and future 5G mobile network’s data capacity. For that they are signing an agreement with SSE Enterprise Telecoms who provides service of using their high capacity fibre optic ring located in the central London to […]

Mobile coverage of London to be boosted by O2 with £80 million investment

To improve the mobile coverage in London, the major mobile operator O2 will be investing £80 million, by the end of the year. O2 will be installing ‘small cells’ and also build new towers and free Wi-Fi hotspots across London. The operator’s deployment will help to meed the growing demand in the capital for mobile […]

O2 rolls out 4G coverage for new areas in southern UK

O2, a telecom giant, has made announcements for the roll out of 4G broadband network coverage for a number of cities and towns located in the southern part of England. It has been revealed by the company that 4G technology will be implemented in major urban centers such as Southampton, Reading, Bournemouth and Portsmouth. Alongside, […]

O2’s 4G mobile network to cover 42% of UK residents

The mobile network operator O2 has announced that they would be able to cover 41% of the outdoor population in UK, on their new Mobile Broadband network, using 4G technology. Launched last year O2’s 4G network has connected its one millionth customer recently. Covering 191 towns and cities, to reach about 20 million people , […]

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