EE and Vodafone ranked as best mobile internet networks in UK

According to data from a study by Tutela Technologies, EE and Vodafone were found to be the best networks for mobile internet. The study ranked the providers EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three as per the speeds found on their mobile broadband service across 3G and 4G signals. EE had the fastest 4G signal and for […]

EE’s 5G mobile broadband trial delivers 2.8Gbps in test lab

Mobile operator EE joining hands with networking vendor Huawei, have tested their first 5G networking trial in its UK test lab. The trial has yeilded a consistent download speed of 2.8Gbps on an end-to-end 5G network, using an active antenna unit with 64×64 MIMO broadcasting. The virtualised 5G core network of EE was linked via […]

New Fibre Max plan introduced by EE

EE, the major mobile internet provider in UK, has introduced the new Fibre Max plan, another capable home broadband package. EE believes this is as yet the company’s most inclusive broadband package, becouse the package comes bundled with up to 76Mbps speeds, with inclusive calls to UK’s landlines and to fifty international destinations. The package […]

New 4G+ Home Router with 200GB data plan offered by EE

EE, the major mobile operator, has launched a new Home Router, the LTE Advanced Category 7 one. This 4G+ capable router (of size 146x146xx32mm) is in theory able to handle speeds of up to 300Mbps. EE offers it with a huge 200GB per month data allowance, but it doesn’t come cheap. The new router is […]

RootMetrics study rates mobile operators on YouTube streaming in London

RootMetrics has conducted a study in London on YouTube’s video streaming transmitted over the 4G and 3G networks, ad rating all the four primary mobile operators in the process. EE has come to top the list. Rating was based on several criteria, in a study which perhaps is a more academic, as performances largely depend […]

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