Arqiva got contract from North Yorkshire council

The North Yorkshire county council has awarded Arqiva – a communications infrastructure company, with a contract worth £1 million for bringing 4G network coverage and the network provider will be required to explore the best locations for construction of new masts in the rural parts of North Yorkshire. Arqiva is an independent provider of building […]

EE plans to launch 5G with OnePlus 5G Phone in 2019

A part of BT and UK’s one of the mobile operators – EE has recently informed that they aim to be the first operator to offer future OnePlus 5G Smartphone in the year 2019 and as a part of that they will have a R&D partnership with the mobile handset producer. Recently during last month, […]

Converting 3G spectrum bands into 4G mobile broadband by EE

EE, a Mobile Operator and a part of BT, has informed that they have started converting their 2100 MHZ radio spectrum band 3G mobile services into 4G Mobile broadband for improving their speed and reliability. As of now, the existing LTE (4G+) Advanced standard which supports Carrier Aggregation technology and enables the mobile operators to […]

O2 to use new 2.3GHz mobile spectrum to upgrade 4G services

O2, a major mobile operator of the UK, had squired through Ofcom’s recent auction, the 2.3GHz spectrum band, a frequency fit fir 4G services and they will not be wasting time in the rapid deployment O2 intends switching on of services via 1,000 sites spread nationwide, by the end of the year. O2 was the […]

EE sets up 90 masts to boost 4G mobile coverage across Scotland

With the completion of the 90th brand new mast, mobile operator EE has within the last 12 months boosted their landmass coverage of their 4G network to reach more than 75% of Scotland. However, overall landmass coverage of the UK by EE stands at 90%. EE (BT) intends to set up further additionally 200 mast […]

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