EE and Vodafone ready to deploy 4G LTE Advanced on their mobile networks

The mobile operator EE will soon make use of the latest LTE Advanced and Carrier Aggregation technology, capable of 300Mbps on its 4G network upgrade, in this year, by exiting their trial run, to be deployed live over their network. The trial of this ultrafast 4G upgrade started last year in East London’s Tech City. […]

Vodafone tests 4G voice call technology in Newbury

Vodafone has tested its 4G voice call technology in Newbury. The telecom giant’s VoLTE (Voice over LTE) technology testing has taken place in a Newbury laboratory located in Berkshire, England. The tests are aimed at making crystal clear voice calls a possibility over the new 4G ultrafast network. Currently, most of the mobile networks are […]

Intel ready to ship multimode LTE chip for 2G to 4G markets

Intel has developed a chip with multimode LTE capability and is ready to ship it by the end of this month. It is keen to compete in the mobile device markets with this new technology chip. Intel has started shipping a single-mode LTE chip in the last part of 2012. Now its XMM 7160, is […]

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