EE launches over 4G network and Wi-Fi, the Enhanced HD Voice tech

EE, the major UK mobile operator, has announced the launch of the new Enhanced HD Voice calling technology, over their existing 4G network and Wi-Fi Calling service. The technology will further enhance the sound quality over phone calls. This technology is not new, but the operator claims its better. Enhanced HD Voice (EVS) supports its […]

Mobile network of EE upgraded to boost speeds up to 450Mbps

UK’s major mobile operator, EE, has announced the upgrade of their 4G+ based Mobile Broadband network. The upgrade to the latest technology of Cat 9 LTE Advanced (LTE-A) combines multiple spectrum bands to deliver, in theory, speeds of up to 450Mbps. EE has already used Carrier Aggregation technology based on LTE-A. The operator is able […]

EE forms new alliance for 5G and 4G LTE technology

EE, UK’s mobile giant, has formed a new alliance with other mobile operators to facilitate the development of technology in LTE- Broadcast (LTE-B). The technology enables mobile operators to send to all mobile phone users of an area, a single stream of data. Partners to the alliance include Verizon (USA), kt (South Korea) and Telstra […]

Analyst says 2G & 3G can be switched off by operators by 2020

According to research, the 2G and 3G network service provided by mobile phone service providers would be switched off in 5 year’s time. Ovum, the leading advisory and global tech research firm has, according to their research, found mobile phone service providers to be moving over from 2G and 3G networks of today, with the […]

4G LTE-A mobile broadband test by EE yields 410Mbps speeds

EE is proceeding with its plans to introduce a new variant of the latest LTE-Advanced based 4G network, capable of delivering 400Mbps. The mobile operator planing to introduce this version at the Wembley Stadium in 2015 has possibly taken a step forward by conducting the LTE-Category 9 Carrier-Aggregation Interoperability Test. The test was conducted with […]

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