ISP provided Broadband Routers found vulnerable to TR-069 hackers

Security scares have been raised over the past months on mainly devices such as home broadband routers, that are supplied or sold by service providers in the UK. One serious concern is regarding the TR-069 (CWMP) remote management protocol, often enabled in broadband routers that are sold and supplied by the ISPs. This is used […]

Aviva’s Heart Bleeds, account of a Shocking Cyber Attack

Aviva, the largest insurer in the UK, has been subjected to a cyber attack during the end of May 2014, that’s just last month. This data breach has led to the entire insurance industry introspecting on security issues regarding the stature of their respective internal systems against being attacked by hackers in the cyber space. […]

TalkTalk says, use Homesafe online security to stop virus GOZeus

The National Crime Agency has estimated that more than 15,000 people across UK have been affected by the malicious program GameOverZeus. The virus surreptitiously gets introduced through an email attachment and downloads a program, when opened. It’s been created to steal internet banking details of unsuspecting users and lock the owner out of their PC. […]

Smart TVs can be next on hackers’ list, says Kaspersky

Eugene Karspersky, who is chief executive and co-founder of Kaspersky Lab of Russia, is reported to have said that mobile phones and the smart TV next, are potential targets for the cyber criminals’ virus attacks. His company, which is the 4th largest computer ant-virus organisation, is yet to find a virus penetrating the smart TV, […]

Google’s Public DNS server hijacked, traffic diverted to BT Latin America

Internet users were shocked when Google’s free Public DNS alternative had its traffic redirected (or rather hijacked) to BT’s division in Brazil and Venezuela. The Public DNS is Google’s alternative that translates IP addresses into readable form and the vice versa too. Sometimes these ISPs DNS servers can be slowed down or may be even […]

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