Half of UK companies ban workers from using free Wi-Fi

Security concerns have made nearly half of UK companies to ban their workers from using free Wi-Fi hotspots, according to an iPass research. This figure is expected to raise to 62% across the UK, France, Germany and US, reports TechWeekEurope. The security risk is identified, as the number of hotspots is expected to rise in […]

Millions of Home Routers at risk by ‘Misfortune Cookie’ flaw

Researchers at Check Pont have found a critical vulnerability affecting millions of Home and SME Routers, which seems to have gone unnoticed for more than a decade. The serious security flaw, detected by the firm’s Malware and Vulnerability Reasearch Group, called the ‘Misfortune Cookie’ flaw, will be highlighted at the forthcoming security conference by Check […]

Home Routers safe from Shellshock bug, say major ISPs of UK

A new bug has been discovered that can potentially affect hundreds of millions of computers, devices and servers,. The discovery of a new vulnerability, which is part of many Linux/Unix based systems, is called “Shellshock”. It is in the command-line Bash interface (shell). Researchers say hackers can remotely use this to take control of almost […]

Security flaw in leading mobile apps can trigger expensive calls

A Danish developer has claimed to have found a security flaw in leading apps, that could be exploited. It could be used by hackers to make expensive phone calls from the smartphone. The developer Andrei Neculaesei, who works for Airtame, a company based in Copenhagen, has claimed to have exposed the flaw in popular apps […]

Internet security risks increase when mobile apps are left signed in

Intercede, a digital identity firm, has compiled a survey featuring 2,000 consumers and has concluded that mobile broadband internet security risks increase when mobile apps are kept signed in. This study has revealed that when sensitive mobile apps are kept by default as automatically signed into, the ultimate end users of mobile phones are simply […]

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