GibFibre business division launches symmetrical 200Mbps in Gibraltar

The British overseas territory of Gibraltar gets on a new fibre optic network, a service capable of up to 200Gbps symmetrical broadband speed, by GibFibre. Small and medium businesses (SMEs) in this territory at the southern tip of Spain, on the Iberian peninsula, wrapped by the Mediterranean sea, will benefit by this digital boost. GibFibre […]

Big surge in mobile internet data usage after EU roaming goes free

Mobile operators across Europe have reported a surge in data traffic due to travellers, ever since EU scrapped roaming charges in June of this year for mobile calls, data/internet services and text. The rise in data traffic, when compared with last year, is 3 to 6 times. A part of the increase can be attributed […]

EU to help local communities set up free public wireless connectivity

EU will be allocating €120 million in funds to help local public administrations promote wireless connectivity in public places, on a first-come, first-served basis,under the ‘WiFi4EU’ scheme. The scheme approved by European Members of Parliament, will help finance free wireless connectivity in public spaces and the outdoors accessible to the general public, as in libraries, […]

Shoppers gifted free hotspot, as Poole town centre offers free WiFi for all

Free WiFi is available to visitors to Poole town centre via a Fusion WiFi hosted hotspot. The secured WiFi hotspot will feature a social media login to access the internet, hosted on worldwide data centres of Fusion WiFi. The legally compliant service promoted by Poole BID will benefit businesses, including the Dolphin Shopping Centre Poole […]

Vodafonre and Openreach talk on joint venture to roll out ultrafast broadband

According to press reports, Vodafone is understood to be in talks with Openreach on a joint investment to roll out ultrafast broadband across major cities of UK. Sources say the two providers are in early and serious talks. They would like to jointly invest to deploy fibre-optic cables, initially in the major cities, to replace […]

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