BT Sport brings 360° highlights, instant replays to its app

BT Sport is offering to its subscribers, via its app, 360° highlights and also instant replay, from multiple sporting events. Action from popular competitions, including those from the Premier League, the FA Cup, Uefa Championship League and World Title boxing, will be offered in 360°. Using this format at leas twenty sporting events will be […]

ASA says ISPs cannot advertise speeds unavailable to most users

Broadband providers will not be able to claim higher speed, of their internet service, that is actually unavailable to most of their customers, following a shake-up by Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) on how broadband firms will be allowed to advertise. ASA said that numerical speed claims in advertisements of telecoms firms should be based on […]

Consumers today not preferring bundles of Broadband, TV and landline phone

More number of people are not selecting a bundle for their broadband, TV and landline phone services put together in a package. This has been found out by research of Rootmetrics, as 15% of consumers have ‘cut the cord’ and another 18% are planning to do it by end of the year. Nearly half of […]

Piracy will push global online TV and movie revenue loss to $52 billion

Accoding to a forecast, online piracy will cause revenue loss to nearly double to $52.5 billion during 2016 and 2022 globally. Online TV Piracy Forecasts reported this, after studying 138 countries and included the revenue loss from TV episodes and movies, but did not include other sectors like sports or pay-TV. Digital TV Research’s principal […]

Report finds majority of UK households experience problems with broadband despite price hike

Over half of UK’s households have, in the last 12 months, experienced a problem with their broadband, with slow speeds being the most common problem. This has been revealed in a report by Which?. A majority of British households have experienced a problem and are ostensibly paying for a service they actually haven’t received. The […]

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