Ombudsman Services’ new CEO & Chief Ombudsman Matthew Vickers

Ombudsman Services is one of the UK’s Consumer Complaints handler firms which is also one of the approved Alternative Dispute Resolution schemes by Ofcom. Matthew Vickers has been appointed as the new CEO and Chief Ombudsman of the firm replacing Lewis Shand-Smith. Matthew Vickers wants all ISPs and mobile operators to retain their customers. All […]

Doreset UK Council aims for its phase 4 superfast broadband roll out

The Doreset Country Council has started its search for the supplier for its Phase 4 contract of building 30 Mbps+ superfast broadband networks under Superfast Doreset to reach an extra 4000 to 20000 premises. As of now the programme has already completed extension of 24 Mbps+ superfast broadband coverage of 96% in the county with […]

An open letter by FTTH Council EU to end fake fibre Ads

Ronan Kelly, the President of the FTTH Council Europe has sent an open letter to EU telecoms ministers calling them to stop the fake fibre advertising by UK/EU broadband ISPs which offer hybrid services say FTTC. The hybrid services are comparatively slow and not much reliable on speed than the full fibre connections. The full fibre […]

New quality mark launched by INCA for Altnet Broadband ISPs

Recently, the Independent Networks Co-operative Association has informed that they have launched a new “Gold Standard Quality Mark Scheme“. The scheme is to cover the alternative network ISPs who must adopt certain best practices in their design, performance and operations to get this mark. Many advertising messages are confusing for the consumers and hence INCA’s […]

Rural Wales based FTTH project in the finalist for EU Broadband Award

UK’s Michaelston-y-Fedw Internet Community Interest Company’s project appears in the finalists’ list for EU Broadband Award’s Innovative models of financing, business and investment category. This the only UK based company (for their 1 Gbps based FTTP broadband network) has been declared as a finalist for their EU Broadband Awards 2018 under Innovative models of financing, […]

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