SSE Telecoms to use unbundled BT Exchanges and Dark Fibre Access for expansion

‘Project Edge’ is an ongoing project of of SSE Telecoms, under their enterprise division, for their fibre-optic network expansion work. The project will be unbundling a further 40 exchanges of BT, covering ‘prime business areas’ and also be using the Dark Fibre Access service of Openreach. Presently, the operator has 13,700km of fibre-optic and Ethernet […]

Researchers push fibre transmission to limits, hits 1Tbps in experiment

Nokia Bell Labs, the Technical University of Munich and Deutsche Telekom T-Labs, are working together from their labs on a new technology to push data transfer to 1Tbps, over pure fibre-optic lines, to reach close to the theoretical maximum (known as The Shanon Limit). The researchers in the team have successfully done so in an […]

First Ultrafast Broadband trial area in Hull confirmed by MS3

The trial of ultrafsst Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) broadband network around areas of Hull, aims first at a trail area covering 1200 households, has been confirmed by the communications provider MS3. MS3’s initial investment and announcement has aroused interest from across the city and beyond, to as far as Thorngumbold and Brough, with apparently the operator found […]

Chedworth residents can test new ultrafast broadband at Chedworth Village Hall

Residents and business owners of Chadworth can test out the new ultrafast broadband speed at a village demonstration being held at the Chadworth Village Hall. The vVillage Hall has a capability to access the internet at high speeds, at up to 1Gbps, which is 33 times faster than the average speed in UK, making it […]

BT begins trial of Ultrafast FTTP Broadband from Haydon Wick exchange

BT has started a trial of their ‘ultrafast’ Fibre-to-the-Premises broadband technology, that puts fibre-optic lines direct to homes from the telephone exchange, at Haydon Wick in North Swindon. First users on the trial of the 330Mbps capable lines here have gone live, confirmed BT Openreach. The development was announced back in February of 2016. This […]

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