UK ISP Eclipse Lauds Online Broadcast Technical Team

A remarkable effort by the technical back up team of the internet service provider operating in the United Kingdom, Eclipse Internet, has been praised by the broadband supplier for its ensuring a reasonably satisfactory online football game enjoyment without any issues. The internet service provider had called on its subscribers in the country to engage […]

UK ISP Eclipse Offers a 5-step Swine Flu Support System to Businesses

The business owners in the United Kingdom could find a five-step Swine flu back-up system forwarded by the UK broadband provider Eclipse Internet, helpful to tackle the pandemic in the future, in case they fall victim to it. The system offered by the internet service provider is all about a five-step questionnaire based on self-assessment, […]

Eclipse launch 24MB high speed broadband packages

Eclipse Internet has upgraded all its home and business products to super-fast, ADSL 2+ service that will offer speeds up to 24Mbps to its customers. The new home broadband UK packages can be bundled with Eclipse TalkMore call plan and the cheapest deal will be available from £7.95 per month for the first 3 months.Eclipse […]

New consumer & business broadband packages

Eclipse Internet has launched new broadband packages this week. The new product line will have three broadband options for home users and four broadband packages for businesses. All home broadband packages come with monthly cap so the customers can choose the package that suits their usage. Eclipse has also introduced a new feature that will […]

Online help service for businesses

The winner of ISPA’s Best Business ISP Award, Eclipse Internet provider has introduced a valued added service for its business broadband customers. The online service, “Expert Advice” aims at providing more information on the packages and hosting services via live chat, according to the report. This means, business customers can just visit the website of […]

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