Eclipse Internet plans expansion with new investment infused

Eclipse Internet is a communications provider, which is part of the KCOM Group and is planning to double its business in UK. Apparently the parent company has infused in a few million pounds in additional investment, which will help the company in expanding their connectivity, communication and cloud services. They have a staff of over […]

New Eclipse Internet Broadband and Phone Service Bundles

One of the emerging internet service providers of the United Kingdom, Eclipse Internet has announced the arrival of a complete bundle package on their network that bundles their new phone call and line rental bills onto a single bill. This new cheap broadband and phone service bundle package offered by Eclipse Internet is available to […]

Broadband Network Crunch anticipated during World Cup

A recently carried out survey has put forward the warning that the broadband internet network of the United Kingdom may come under heavy strain during the FIFA World Cup, due to workers at offices viewing the games live on the network of their employers. The relevant research was carried out by one of the popular […]

40Mbps Broadband Package Launched by Eclipse

It is quite refreshing that more players are entering the field of superfast fibre optic broadband sector following Virgin Media and BT. This can be called nothing less that a historical moment for the popular internet service provider operating in the United Kingdom, Eclipse Internet as it has announced the launch of its own fibre […]

40Mbps Broadband Service Mooted by Eclipse Internet

One of the popular UK broadband suppliers operating in the country, Eclipse Internet has unveiled its plans to leap on board the CN (21st Century Network) wagon that stands to trial a fresh next generation superfast fibre optic broadband network. The developments of the late also imply that the broadband internet customers of Eclipse Internet […]

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