Church spires to help boost wireless broadband across rural areas

A new agreement by DCMS and Defra with the Church of England will help improve mobile, Wi-Fi and broadband connectivity, across the rural areas, with the use of church spires in the UK. The government has signed an accord with the National Church Institutions (NCI) of the Church of England, to use its buildings and […]

Openreach to add 2,200 Herefordshire premises on extended fibre rollout

Openreach will further deploy their FTTP network to reach another 2,200 premises in Herefordshire. This was confirmed after BT signed a new deal under the Fastershire project. The £887,000 contract for “superfast fibre broadband” is due for completion in 2019 end, with funding by the council (for £218,000) and BT (for £668,000). This signed deal […]

Openreach aims to add 3 million premises by 2020 on full-fibre broadband

Openreach plans to connect 3 million premises on to their full-fibre broadband network, by the end of 2020. UK’s national broadband infrastructure provider is kicking-off a drive to build the ultrafast network that the country has been lacking. The provider would recruit this year 3,000 engineers to help its roll-out of full-fibre into Britain’s homes […]

Sony’s Low Power Wide Area Wireless network tested by JT on Jersey island

JT, the telecom operator, has tested Sony’s new technology on their Fibre-to-the Home network in Jersey, the English Channel Island. The Low-Power Wide-Area Wireless Network (LPWAN) was tested on the operators FTTH/P network capable of Gigabit broadband. JT deployed just 2 receivers, one in the southern and another in the central region of Jersey, to […]

North Yorkshire County Council’s superfast broadband Phase 3 contract goes to BT

The Superfast North Yorkshire (SFNY) project has reached phase 3 and North Yorkshire County Council has awarded the contract for this phase to BT plc, after a competitive procurement process. Therefore, 14,000 more premises will benefit by faster broadband, via fibre-optic cables delivering speeds of up to 330 Mbps. The DFNY project is in partnership […]

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