Stoke-on-Trent in deal with VXFIBER to rollout Gigabit broadband

Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire, has signed a new deal with the Swedish company VXFIBER, to roll-out an ‘open access’ full fibre broadband network, capable of Gigabit speeds. The Swedish FTTH provider will focus its initial project in bringing their Fibre-to-the-Premises network to the 140 hectare site, the Ceramic Valley Enterprise Zone, which houses local businesses. The […]

Eastleigh to offer free WiFi in the town centre

The Hampshire town of Eastleigh has unveiled its plan to offer free Wi-Fi in the town centre, which will be covering all the open spaces and roads here, including the railway station. The installation will give visitors the chance to access the web for free and subscribers can get timely notifications regarding events, retail promotions, […]

Rural Cheshire to get built 1Gbps broadband with help of B4RN

With the launch of B4RN Cheshire, the superfast broadband network will be expanded across rural Cheshire. A small group of volunteers have joined forces with the B4RN team, to deliver the 1Gbps network which is community funded and built, based on FTTP/H tech. Volunteers from Capenhurst, Burton and Puddington in West Cheshire have taken up […]

County council to extend superfast broadband into West Norfolk

Councillors of Norfolk County Council belonging to the committee for digital innovation and efficiency are reckoning 2 opportunities to expand superfast broadband to West Norfolk, under the Better Broadband for Norfolk programme. The fist one is to plough back contract rebates to the tune of £11million back into the programme to help help properties that […]

Church spires to help boost wireless broadband across rural areas

A new agreement by DCMS and Defra with the Church of England will help improve mobile, Wi-Fi and broadband connectivity, across the rural areas, with the use of church spires in the UK. The government has signed an accord with the National Church Institutions (NCI) of the Church of England, to use its buildings and […]

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