Oxfordshire’s Superfast Broadband rollout achieves 95% coverage

The Better Broadband for Oxfordshire partnership has got its roll-out going as planned. The project supported by state aid, in partnership with Openreach, has claimed to have finished the Phase 2 contract, to successfully extend superfast broadband, delivering 24Mbps+ connectivity, to 95% of the county by the end of this year, as was planned. Over […]

London’s Here East Campus in Olympic Park to get 1Gbps Fibre and WiFi service

The Here East campus is based in London’s Queen Elizabeth Park and will in a few days time be enabled with fibre-optic connectivity and WiFi, of ultrafast speeds. The 1.2 million sq, ft. campus will get Ethernet and broadband access speeds of up to 1Gbps. The new network management system, built by technology business Optimity, […]

Superfast Broadband to reach 5,300 premises in Worcestershire by a £6.2m contract

The Superfast Worcestershire programme has reached out to more than 5,300 more premises, on their superfast broadband network on FTTP/C tech, by an extension contract with BT/Openreach, via this new deal worth £6.2 million. The target is to reach 96% of Worcestershire by 2019. The programme is already pushing connectivity to reach more than 95% […]

South Norfolk Council to connect rural areas using Wireless Broadband on 10Mbps speed

The South Norfolk Council will be deploying a new fixed wireless network capable of 10Mbps+ speeds, to connect parts of the regions out of reach of the existing Better Broadband for Norfolk (BbfN) project. The council has tamed up with local fixed-wireless broadband provider, InTouch Systems, using its ITSwisp service to connect the regions. The […]

Aerial drone used by Openreach to bring fibre broadband to rural village in Wales

Openreach has become the first in the world to deploy a fibre cable with the help of an aerial drone. Using a drone to carry fibre optic cable is a different challenge. But Openreach had hinted previously about their plans to test this approach. EE has gained such experience in the field while using similar […]

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