Airband upgrades backhaul capacity that serves rural areas

Airband, the wireless ISP, has taken steps to upgrade their backhaul capacity by deploying a new platform. By adopting the platform from Ceragon, the FibreAir IP-20, the ISP intends to deploy it as part of their ongoing rollout across rural parts, adding to equipment and services claimed to be a total of nearly £1.9 million […]

Nearly 1 million premises reached by alternative full-fibre broadband providers

A finding in a report says that close to 1 million premises in the UK are offered ultra-fast broadband by alternative full-fibre broadband providers. The report, by Point Topic and Independent Networks Cooperative Association (INCA), points to a figure that’s near;y double the number BT has reached. The report also predicts that nearly 12.25 million […]

Full fibre broadband with Gigabit speed planned for Burgess Hill by Mid Sussex District Council

Mid Sussex District Council is planning a digital infrastructure project costing £2.2 million and has secured funding from the government for it, which will bring full-fibre Gigabit broadband network to Burgess Hill, in West Sussex. Leader of the district council, Garry Wall, has acclaimed the project, a part of the £1 billion investment in the […]

Rollout of fibre broadband in Scottish Highlands gets £4.7 million funding boost

The Scottish Highlands will receive a funding of £4.7 million awarded by the UK government, to help roll-out full fibre broadband there. Local providers will be helped to roll-out fibre broadband services of Gigabit capability, across the Highlands which are notoriously one of the most hard to reach areas of the country. As part of […]

Government’s £15million grant to help NYnet extend fibre rollout to more North Yorkshire premises

A grant to North Yorkshire County Council for £15 million from the government, can pave the way to improve direct broadband services, to reach up to 6,000 businesses and 55,000 homes. The council’s broadband company NYnet, will get the money to install fibre-optic lines direct into 400 public buildings. Service providers like BT can then […]

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