Dodworth residents to help BT upgrade lines for superfast broadband

Residents of Dodworth, the village in Barnsley (SouthYorkshire), had to raise £11,000 to upgrade lines to superfast network speeds. They have successfully done it, thanks to the efforts of John Clapham, a local resident. The money raised would aid BT to upgrade the local lines to FTTC supported superfast broadband, capable up to 80 Mbps. […]

Workers on fibre-optic rollout work in Jersey may lose jobs

Total Technical Solutions (TTS) which was working with the telecoms firm JT on the state-backed roll-out of fibre-optic cables to homes, may have to make some 100 staff working on this project redundant. Although JT has said the project was going on still on target, but said that TTS has lost on the contract with […]

Different Types of Cable Broadband Connections

By and large all cable broadband connections are offered through fibre optic lines. Typically fibre optic entails packs of minute glass and plastic fibres that pass on information through pulses of light that create an electromagnetic waves that aid is sending details from one end to the other. As you can probably imagine cable connections […]

How to set up a Cable Broadband connection at your home?

Once you have subscribed for internet connection, the next item on your agenda will be installation of the modem. The new subscribers will have to be content with network adapters instead of modems. This is the device to which the internet will be connected for a considerably faster interface. These will be easily available on […]

Cable Broadband History

Cable broadband internet system refers to an advanced broadband provision standard that clearly transcends the ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) broadband network in the fixed-line broadband UK internet sector. The cable broadband betters the ADSL versions in download speeds as well as signal speed security over longer distances. If broadband internet has been in prominence […]

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