Distinction between upload and download speeds

While signing up for business broadband deal, the service provider will always show a download speed that is expected to be delivered from the package. Megabits (Mb) and megabytes (MB) Generally the transfer speeds of the broadband service are calculated in megabits (Mb) in a second. One megabyte (MB) constitute of 8 megabits. It is […]

Check broadband comparison site to know the best broadband deal

When customers are planning to switch from internet service to broadband connection, they should know certain things before registering themselves for the deal. One should make sure what they required will be satisfied and gives the user an effective and reliable service. Most of the banks, government agencies and retailers nowadays have their own website. […]

Tit-bits about Home Broadband

We are living in the age of digital technology and day by day the technology is developing and it has become a part and parcel of our daily life. We have become the victims of this technological advancement or in other words we depend on this modern technology more than anything. Staying connected has become […]

Is High-speed broadband essential for families?

The march of technology is as fast as possible, and also the speed of the internet service. In the UK most of the homes has access to super-fast broadband internet service that has various advantages. The internet connection is the core for experiencing complex tools and applications. But it is necessary to have super-fast internet […]

Why Is It That People Are Not Upgrading to Super-fast Broadband?

Why is it that when super-fast broadband was finally offered after many years of waiting that people are hesitant to upgrade to it? This was what has been implied by the Ofcom chief, Ed Richards who stated that the people upgrading to super-fast broadband connectivity was rather poor and was more or less restricted to […]

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