Big Brother Content is offered by AOL Broadband

AOL Broadband that belongs to the upcoming communications colossus Carphone Warehouse, has launched a fresh broadband content coinciding with the commencement of the fourth Big Brother series. For this, AOL Broadband provider is teaming up with Channel 4, to entitle its broadband consumers to access the 24/7 online audio and video feeds from the house […]

UK Parents to be aided by New AOL Website

A new UK-based website launched by AOL strives to help the parents in the country through advice, news and support on numerous issues pertaining to the upbringing of their children. AOL, which started as an independent internet service providing company was acquired by Carphone Warehouse later, and now runs as the asset of the later, […]

Carphone’s Customer Care Boss Poached by Orange

  Jackie O Leary, the customer services chief of Carphone Warehouse has been poached by Orange UKĀ  broadband services provider to fill the same role at their premises. O Leary who will be joining Orange next month had been primarily looking after the customer care business at Carphone Warehouse’s new broadband wing AOL UK. O […]

AOL UK Dissolves in Carphone Warehouse’s Troubled TalkTalk

  A customer-base of 2.1 million that belonged to AOL Broadband Provider UK has been shifted over to the registers of Carphone Warehouse through their TalkTalk Broadband ISP. To be precise, AOL Broadband UK had about 1.5 million broadband cutomers and 600,000 dial-up customers. TalkTalk experienced some tough competition from British Sky Broadband (BskyB) that […]

Analysis Of AOL Broadband’s Performance

  Broadband can be referred as a group of technologies that provide high speed data access or connectivity using telephone wiring or cable TV wiring, and can be used for both business purposes and for home networks. AOL broadband is an established Internet Service Provider, and has been one among the earliest companies to gain […]

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