Campaign for banishing Buffering launched by Be

Leading internet service provider operating in the United Kingdom, Be Broadband has launched a fresh initiative calling for its rivals to do away with buffering.

The banish buffering campaign launched by Be Broadband looks ahead to coinciding with the 2010 Football World Cup taking place in the Republic of South Africa, since many football fans are anticipated to consume streaming services heavily to catch many games.

According to Be Broadband, this issue has been barring a number of consumers from squeezing out the best from their packages, especially those with those slow broadband connections or connections with a low monthly data download limit.

For instance, 3.6Mbps is the average download speeds in the United Kingdom; however to avoid buffering with video streaming, a bandwidth of at least 9Mbps is required. This fact was pointed to by Be Broadband.

The broadband provider added that consumers were expected to get an incompetent experience when this factors in the network management.

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