CableCom now identified as “Glide”

One of the ISPs, CableCom which was founded in 1996 and having 20+ years of experience in the internet services industry in the UK, has now been renamed as Glide. The company is expert in developing and installing infrastructure in highly dense accommodations.

The ISP acquired WarwickNet last year which decided to re brand it in the name Glide. Now the business of Glide was classified into three areas such as business, residnets and students. As per Cablecom’s statement, the company has the growth of 25% having earned more than £50 m as last year’s revenue. Thereby makes them to invest further in fibre networks. They are also expecting to achieve its growth by 30% in future and planning to execute full fibre networks (FTTP/leased line) for an additional distance of 500 km in the next year.

Glide Residential
Under this service, Glide provide best solutions like smart fibre infrastructure to the Build to Rent premises which takes less space and less operational cost and deploy its own infrastructure with high speed connectivity to gain better resident experiences and value for buildings which aims to make residents life easier.

Glide Student
Having been served 3 lakh plus students, Glide provides services with superfast broadband to get better student experiences. Glide provides better services and communications to students, landlords and universities with their best solutions and infrastructure specially designed. Based on the students requirements, they will deploy home network from Sep 2018 to avail multiple device Wifi connectivity and also engaged in developing IoT solutions.

Glide Business
Glide provides ultra fast reliable broadband to companies in the industrial estates and the business parks to make their business easier and grow with its services of FTTC, FTTP and leased lines. They have built more than 1400 km fibre networks for more than 400 parks and 50000+ buildings till now.

CEO of Glide – Tim Pilcher said that this is an important step for Glide and they will do their best services with their specialised skills, experience and capabilities to help the businesses to grow and make their customers lives more easier. By making investments in national infrastructure to keep their technological innovation makes customers to get better smart infrastructure for multi-tenancy buildings or business infrastructure. They feel excited about their beginning.

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