BT’s LinkUK kiosks to offer free public ultrafast WiFi in Southwark

Southwark borough is soon to get the fastest free public WiFi, provided by the rollout of LinkUK kiosks. BT is in partnership with Primesight and Intersection, to provide the ultrafast speeds of up to 1Gbps via WiFi, on the LinkUK service. The service will also offer other premium services, like a touchscreen tablet for access to maps, directions and local services. It will also have 2 USB charging ports for mobile gadgets, plus offer mobile and landline phone calls, all for free. The kiosks will also have inbuilt sensors to monitor air pollution, outdoor temperature and gather other data, such as, local environment or traffic conditions.

As Southwark has a booming business community and id home to popular tourist attractions and iconic places, the borough has been selected to be one of the first places in London to be equipped with the Link kiosks. The kiosks funded by advertising revenue, generated by digital displays mounted on them, will not cost the taxpayer or user anything. Over a hundred of them will installed in the borough, as part of the first phase to deploy 750 of them at least widely across London and other major cities in the next few years.

The Managing Director of Wholesale and Ventures at BT, Nick Hale, foresees it as the phone-box of the future and Southwark being the heart of one of the world’s greatest cities, is entirely fitting to be on of the first to benefit. Leader of Southwark Council, Councillor Peter John, said the move will help them to become a digital council, benefiting residents, businesses and visitors equally.

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