BT trials new broadband technology in Rathlin Island

Rathlin Island, the northern most place in the Northern Ireland is being tested with BT’s ‘wireless to the cabinet’ broadband technology. With this the speed is likely to reach upto 80Mbps in this area.

Currently Rathlin Island which cannot be easily reached has poor broadband facility. In order to provide fibre broadband like performance Ballycastle exchange will be connected to the Rathlin exchange which in turn will be integrated to BT’s infrastructure.

The pilot scheme that is planned for the island will run for six months and if proved to be successful will connect every home to provide high speed broadband. According to BT’s Head of Wholesale Sales and Services, it had been planning to bring faster broadband facility to Rathlin Island for quite some time. The residents of this island will be able to enjoy faster broadband speeds similar to what households and businesses in Northern Island are currently enjoying, he added.

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