BT Total Broadband Customers Offered Vision+ Box for Free

Digital Choices, a pro-broadband website reports that the customers of BT Total Broadband could benefit from a special and fresh offer on a range of the company’s television packages.

According to the website, the broadband customers of BT would receive a free Vision+ box, if they decide to subscribe to one of the BT Vision’s broadband TV-on-demand Value packs. The Vision+box, in its turn is a utility gadget that not only offers Freeview but also comes with an inbuilt 160GB hard drive. Moreover, this box is also capable of conceiving high definition signals.

Three Value packs are offered by BT at the moment. The customers can customise these packs to suit their preferences of viewing. The offered channels, which are classified into specific genres include TV Pack, Music Sport, Kids and Picture Box. Of the lot, the TV Pack consists of both the US and the UK programmes.

The customer can subscribe to the offered TV packs in several configurations. Gold Value is the top package of BT Vision that offers the customers a range of four channel packs to choose from at a beginning rate of GBP 12.23 for the initial three months and from then on GBP 19.57.

The second one is Silver Value that is all about the delivery of three packs for GBP 10.27 for first three months and then on GBP 17.61. Another pack, Bronze Value that consists of two packs, comes priced at GBP7.34 for the initial three months and then on GBP 14.68.

The Sport package of BT Vision promises the customer 242 same day Premier League football matches as the on-demand Music pack offers more than thousand five hundred music videos.

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