BT Sport brings 360° highlights, instant replays to its app

BT Sport is offering to its subscribers, via its app, 360° highlights and also instant replay, from multiple sporting events. Action from popular competitions, including those from the Premier League, the FA Cup, Uefa Championship League and World Title boxing, will be offered in 360°. Using this format at leas twenty sporting events will be accessible in 360° by June of next year.

Viewers can enjoy the action with or without VR gear/headset. Viewers will get an unique experience, watching from angles not seen in typical broadcast, plus they can replay instantly key footage as the events roll on. The BT Sport App will offer access to all the highlights and replays, along with standard replays.

Last year BT Sport offered the final of the Uefa Championship League season with 360° streaming on the app and YouTube. Viewers were given the option to choose their own camera viewpoint, or the 360° produced programme plus the graphics and commentary. BT says this demonstrates that innovation has been at the heart since BT Sport’s launch in 2013.

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