BT launches new service of shared internet for housing associations in UK

BT Business has announced a new internet service as a cheap solution for housing services in UK. This service allows shared internet access between tenants to help reduce monthly costs of rental. BT also provides training and support for tenant in the deal.

The housing associations can choose, on their part, the best options, charging for each facility, may be, on a unit basis or offering WiFi connectivity to tenants. BT has said they have already worked on this to offer affordable WiFi to one of Glasgow Housing Association’s multi-storey builds on Kirkton Avenue, via a single BT net connection linked to their main network.

The CEO of BT Business, Graham Sutherland, has said that in UK 6.4 million adults have never used the internet, of which 4.1 million are in social housing. He pointed out that it’s crucial that they get access, as it not only affects their access to education, employment but even access to essential services. That’s why BT is working with housing associations to help the elderly or disabled and unemployed to gain access to go online, he added.

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