BT Director & B4RN volunteers secured Queen’s Birthday Honours

Every year, Queen’s Birthday Honours are being awarded to recognize those serving to the queen and the country under different categories. The honours are being given twice in a year one at Queen’s Birthday and other one at New Year.

The 2019 Queen’s Birthday Honours have been released recently. There are various personalities in the broadband & telecommunications sector of the UK were secured recognition under different categories. This year around 1,073 people have won the awards and many of them belong to the telecoms/broadband industry.

The honours system is framed to give recognition to those people for their great achievements in the public life or serving beneficially to the country by supporting and helping the people and communities. The nominees for the awards are generally selected by the honours committee and the decisions then be forwarded to the Prime Minister and then to the Queen who will award the honour.

This year’s honours include:

Members of the Order of the British Empire was awarded to Elizabeth Alana WILLIAMS who is Director – Digital Society of BT for the services contributing to Digital Literacy and Social Inclusion.

Officers of the Order of the British Empire was awarded to Andrew Paul FERGUSON of Think Broadband for his services contributing to the Economy and Broadband Services in the UK.

Medallist of the Order of the British Empire was awarded to Dr Leonard Arthur ROBINSON & George Martyn WELCH for their voluntary services to the community in South Cumbria. Martyn and Arthur are the members of a team – Dad’s Army or B4SW and their contribution made rural people to join the the B4RN network and get the benefits.

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