Broadband Without Phone Line

Broadband has become the part and parcel of our day today life and has also become the most demanding power of our requirements. Broadband with various offers are available in the market and one such offer is broadband with no phone line.

Broadband with no phone line package requires no landline. However, people opting for this package can save only a small amount of money when compared to the other home phone packages. The only major provider of broadband without a phone line is Virgin Media. Internet speeds provided by Virgin Media are also high.

Broadband without a phone line can be got through two different methods. One is through the mobile broadband connection and the other through the cable network. Broadband with no phone line can be used in those areas where there are cables or broadband connection already. It is possible to get cable broadband connection without a phone line if the area where you reside is a cabled one.

The main advantage of broadband without phone line is that one can enjoy broadband without having to take a separate landline connection. You can also save money by taking a mobile broadband. Hence, surfing on the move is possible as there is no need for the mobile broadband dongle to be plugged into the phone line.

Providers of broadband without phone line connection

  • Virgin Media

Virgin Media provides broadband without phone line through mobile broadband connection or cable network. It also provides standalone broadband connections without even installing a phone line but pay for the internet. Cable network provides XXL package with speeds of up to 50Mb and 100Mb. Other offers are 10Mb and 20Mb deal.

Virgin Media provides a cheap 10Mb broadband package that does not need a phone connection. This package comes with free wireless router and unlimited monthly download. The student broadband also comes with up to 10Mb unlimited broadband and does not require phone line.

30Mb unlimited broadband connection requires no phone line and comes with free wireless router. The unlimited student broadband connection requires no phone line.

Virgin Media also offers 10Mb unlimited fibre optic broadband along with 100+ digital TV channels.

  • Three

Internet connection is made faster with 3G wireless signal. Wireless transfer of data is made faster with 3G connection. Thus there is no need for a cable or phone line connection. Dongles are used in mobile broadband and these contain SIM cards that transfer data to and from the computer. The 3G network of Three covers more than 97% of the population thus making browsing swifter.

Three offers the following for its customers:


Dongle can be simply connected to the USB drive of the laptop and clicked on to be online within seconds.

Mobile Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi dongle helps you connect to laptop, iPad or games console at just a press of a button. Two different forms of Wi-fi are Standard Mi-fi and High Speed Mi-fi.


Slot a SIM or micro-SIM in to your tablet and get online instantly.


Select a mobile broadband data allowance of your choice and a tablet.


Get a micro-SIM from Three and slot it into your iPad2 to get connected in no time.

  • Vodafone

Connected and be online wherever you go with Vodafone. This broadband provider offers the following for its customers.

On PC or Mac

USB dongle can be connected to the laptop or netbook to connect you to the internet instantly. Sharing Hub or Mobile Wi-fi can be used to share your connection with others.

On the phone

Connect your 3G phone to the netbook or laptop and start surfing the internet. This method of getting online is called tethering.

Mobile Wi-fi

Mobile Wi-fi helps you connect up to five devices to the internet wirelessly. There is no need for any additional software to install it

Sharing Hub

Already have an internet dongle? Then share your internet connection with friends and family with the Sharing Hub. You can easily share up to four devices.

  • T-Mobile

Enjoy internet at lightning speeds on 4G network with T-Mobile’s mobile broadband. Various offers given by this company are

Classic – Overage-Free Plus

  • Web access with upto 2GB speed (Data speed slowed after 2GB)
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi Web access
  • Agreement for two years
  • Get connected with your netbook, tablet or laptop

Classic – Overage-Free Premium

  • Web access with upto 5GB speed (Data speed slowed after 5GB)
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi Web access
  • Agreement for two years
  • Get connected with your netbook, tablet or laptop

Classic – Overage-Free Ultra

  • Web access with upto 10GB speed (Data speed slowed after 10GB)
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi Web access
  • Agreement for two years
  • Get connected with your netbook, tablet or laptop
  • Customers can also get data pass depending on the web access and duration of usage.

Mobile broadband without phone line

Broadband connection without a phone line is now possible with mobile broadband. But the question that would arise would be as to how this can be accomplished? In fact, mobile broadband uses mobile network in order to connect to the network. A technology called as High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) helps in this process. A stick or a USB dongle must be plugged into the computer in order to connect to the internet. Mobile phone signal is also required for a connection. Mobile phone is not required to make a connection.

Also, you are required to pay only for the amount of data downloaded rather than the time you take to use the internet.

The two main advantages of using mobile broadband are,

  • no need for a BT connection and
  • enjoy broadband wherever you go

Installation of mobile broadband is simple and can be connected in no time. Mobile broadband can be used only by light purposes such as surfing the web, checking mails and so on, but not any other activities that requires heavy downloading.

Cable broadband

Cable broadband uses fibre optic cables and high speed cable modem to transmit information across fibre optic network as it comes with wide bandwidth capabilities. It connects at very high speed thus making browsing a faster experience. Download or upload of songs and movies are faster when compared to the other providers. The transfer of signals is faster than the cable lines as the transfer medium is fibre optic cables. Data is transferred at speeds of upto 100Mb. Different types of fibre optic connections are FTTH (fibre to the home), FTTB (fibre to the building/basement), FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) and FTTN (fibre to the node).

Comparison of broadband providers providing broadband without phone line

  • Plan
  • Speed
  • Downloads
  • Contract
  • Virgin Media
  • XL
  • Upto 30Mb
  • Unlimited
  • 12 months
  • Three
  • With free USB stick
  • Upto 21Mb
    Upto 21Mb
  • 15GB
  • 24 months
    18 months
  • Vodafone
  • With free USB stick
  • Upto 7.2Mb
    Upto 7.2Mb
  • 3GB
  • 12 months
    18 months
  • T-Mobile
  • With free USB stick
  • Upto 7.2Mb
  • 1GB
  • 18 months

Tight competition prevailing in mobile broadband sector has helped customers avail best products from the market. With regards to broadband without phone line, the broadband speed directly depends on the mobile phone network coverage. Hence, these factors also must be looked in to while selecting a mobile phone deal.