Broadband Network Crunch anticipated during World Cup

A recently carried out survey has put forward the warning that the broadband internet network of the United Kingdom may come under heavy strain during the FIFA World Cup, due to workers at offices viewing the games live on the network of their employers.

The relevant research was carried out by one of the popular internet service providers operating in the United Kingdom, Eclipse Internet. The broadband provider has warned further that over half of the employees were planning to watch the games while at work through live streaming. This according to the ISP was potential of causing considerable bottlenecks in the broadband system of the country.

Alongside, the provider of business broadband packages also advises the businesses to be mindful of the trouble such a development would cause on the business operations of theirs, especially during the group game of England against Slovenia.

Clodagh Murphy, the director of Eclipse Internet warned that streamed online content consumed considerable bandwidth, which could impact seriously on the performance of the business broadband internet connection of the businesses in the United Kingdom.

Murphy added that their suggestion for the businesses was for them to develop sturdy guidelines on office systems use, aiming at avoiding broadband internet network congestion as well as sluggish performance of crucial applications.

Eclipse Internet, one of the emerging broadband providers of the United Kingdom that provides business and residence broadband internet packages to the consumers in the country, had recently been in the limelight for having won the Best Customer Focus accolade at the Best Business event.


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