Brighton and Hove launching free public Wi-Fi scheme

Brighton and Hove City Council has teamed up with telecoms giant BT, to provide free Wi-Fi access across a range of locations, spreading from the city centre. Both residents and visitors will have the internet at their fingertips, as 30 Wi-Fi hotspots have gone live across the city. Another 10 are being set-up and will run this summer. The service will cover the busiest places for the benefit of businesses, residents and visitors. BT has been contracted to build and manage the Wi-Fi system for 10 years. BT will provide the BrightonHovefreeWifi network without cost to the council, as they in return will gain access to lampposts of the city to install the mobile infrastructure.

The free Wi-Fi service will cover major parts of the city centre, including parts of St. James’ Street, London Road, North Lane, West Street, Queen’s Road, Western Road, plus in front of Hove Town Hall, Church Road and in Hove, the top of George Street, besides the seafront between Hilton Metropole Hotel and Brighton Pier.

Director of BT devices ad BT Wi-Fi, Erik Raphael, said this scheme makes the city council the first in the South East to install a free BT Wi-Fi service in a city centre, making a big contribution to the city’s connectivity. The city council’s lead member for ICT, Councillor Caroline Penn, said the scheme brings free, unlimited Wi-Fi to everybody within range of a hub who are out and about the city centre. The council is encouraging more people to get online, by providing free training sessions, computer courses in libraries and Wi-Fi in public buildings, she pointed out.

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