Borough of Havering gets funds to build fibre optic broadband

The Borough of Havering has secured funding of £800,000 from the Strategic Investment Pot of the Greater London Authority. The funding will be utilised for the purpose of deploying ultrafast fibre optic network in the Rainham area for the improvement of businesses and public sector sites.

The borough is already having coverage of slower hybrid fibre – FTTC services of Openreach, a part of Virgin Media’s ultrafast broadband network and a small portion of FTTP network.

The newly build network will be initially used for the management of traffic planning, transport, environmental monitoring and community safety across Rainham area. But the local authority is also desirous of getting extra private sector funds to support their network to connect local businesses also. This could also be possible by Gigabit Voucher Scheme of the Government which can offer upto £2500 for bringing a gigabit capable broadband network. The first deployment in public sector is planned to start in April 2019.

Leader of the Council – Damian White said that this is really a great news for the borough of Havering as the funding will help to bring new digital infrastructure and a great support for businesses to get better internet access. This is in continuation to the recent funding of £1.6m secured from the Good Growth Fund, which will help their commitment to bring improvement of the lives of as local businesses and residents as possible.

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