Billion 7300N Bipac ADSL 2+ Annex M Wireless-N Router

All in one wireless router with the advanced 802.11 technology which is available in the UK market is the Billion 7300N Bi-PAC ADSL 2+ / ANNEX M wireless router. The router is specially designed for the residential purposes. High speed internet connectivity, excellent mobility and fine wireless coverage are purveyed to the SOHO users with the help of Ethernet WAN (configured) or ADSL 2+ modem. Extremely faster internet speed of about 300 Mbps is achieved by this router with the help of 802.11n WAP (wireless access point). The router is built with advance three antennas which provide optimal connectivity and get adjusted by themselves after detecting the obstacles on their transmission area.

To connect an external broadband modem, WAN interface can be achieved by configuring one of the Ethernet LAN ports. It is better for the cable or ADSL modem users to get upgraded with the latest 802.11n standard. The speed of wireless coverage of this Bi-PAC wireless router is six times faster than the 802.11 b/g network routers. The wireless coverage is three times greater than those 802.11 b/g devices. Access control and the transmission security level are enhanced over WLAN by making use of WEP (Wireless Encryption Protocol) and Wi-Fi protected access (WPA/WPA2-PSK). WPS (Wi-Fi protected setup) is also being supported by this router which gives secured wireless network by simply pushing a button with an easier set up process.

The downstream speed of the router is about 8 Mbps with ADSL and 12-24 Mbps with ADSL 2/2+. The upstream speed is about 1 Mbps. These excellent faster data rates are mainly because of the integrated ADSL 2+ modem. Along with this high speed internet connectivity, the users can be able to have fun with online gaming, streaming of their favorite videos and real time audio tracks. The presence of Annex-M doubles the upstream speed of the router. With the configured WAN interface, the user can also use their existing cable / ADSL modem to achieve high speed broadbandconnectivity.

The Billion 7300N Bi-PAC wireless router has an inbuilt default NAT firewall settings with many advanced protection features. Anti-hacker pattern filtering is one among them which detects and prevents the harmful attacks by making use of DoS (Denial of services). Highly secured access control is purveyed with the help of packet filtering process and VPN pass through. It has an auto channel select option too for the convenience of the users. Over traffic problems during the usage of multimedia or P2P on internet can be avoided with the help of fine QoS (Quality of Services). This traffic prioritized QoS is based on IP- protocol, port number and address.

Aspects regarding the management of this Bi-PAC router are very simple and the installation process too easier for the users. DHCP server and client terminologies are being supported by the router and hence the administrators easily integrate the router with the existing network along with password protection. The router is basically UPnP compliant (Universal Plug and Play) and all the features make it suitable for the SOHO and home users.

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