Big Brother Content is offered by AOL Broadband

AOL Broadband that belongs to the upcoming communications colossus Carphone Warehouse, has launched a fresh broadband content coinciding with the commencement of the fourth Big Brother series. For this, AOL Broadband provider is teaming up with Channel 4, to entitle its broadband consumers to access the 24/7 online audio and video feeds from the house of Big Brother. This also includes diary room footage at no extra price.

Other constituents of the content, apart from the 24/7 audio and video streams are; diary room footage on-demand and news updates from Big Brother. This results in making the AOL members, among the first in the UK to view unfolding events straight from the house. This news was disclosed by the broadbandcontent head of AOL Broadband UK, Chris Condon. He said that the consumer could just leave it on or dip in and look for the on-demand footage at his wish. He added that for the Reality TV, broadband was nothing less than an ideal platform.

4Broadband, the online venture of Channel 4, is through which Big Brother content is provided currently. Chondron also promises the latest pictures, gossip and news from the house, apart from message boards and chatrooms to the AOL members. The key word of AOL for the members of the AOL Broadband to access the content is ‘Big Brother’.

At present, Carphone Warehouse has a couple more internet service providers operating in the United Kingdom, in Tiscali Broadband UK and TalkTalk UK ISP. However, Carphone had decided to go with its broadband providers operating as independent entities instead of merging them to form a super UK ISP.

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