Big Blue Rocket to expand coverage over Derby, with their Wireless Broadband Network

Big Blue Rocket, the ISP operating in the city of Derby in Derbyshire, have expanded their coverage over the city, with their superfast broadband network, to serve more residential and business customers. The alternative ISP typically builds a fibre optic broadband link and that feeds a transmission mast that is used to disperse their wireless signal, to finally deliver broadband to the local homes and businesses.

The provider’s Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) service capable of 40Mbps superfast broadband speeds, reaches nearly all industrial estates of the city and across most of Derby, besides catering to around 200 residential customers of the 4 rural communities, mostly in South Derbyshire.

The present expansion sees a new mast installed, to compliment the current coverage of North and Central Derby, besides the rural belt of South Derby. The new mast will help to cater for businesses falling in Derby’s Ascot Drive area. If we recal,l Derby is already well served by FTTC networks of Openreach and by Virgin Media’s ultrafast broadband. However, Big Blue Rocket has found a niche in the middle of all this to get them investing and expanding.

The provider’s residential package starts typically at £22.99 (incl of VAT) for a month, an one-off installation charge of £185, for 10Mbps (2Mbps upload) speed, with usage allowance of 20GB, put into a 24-month contract period. The cost goes up to £44.99 for their top package, but with unlimited usage allowance and speeds of 40Mbps (20Mbps upload). The ISP’s business packages although a little more dearer, comes with a free router, but bigger usage allowances, lower contention, on cheaper packages.

The MD of Big Blue Rocket, Craig Hall, said having expanded into the southern, central and eastern industrial districts, any copper elements are now removed from their new fibre-optic/air broadband mix, to deliver fast broadband connections, by using wireless to link to high-speed fibre located in the areas across Derby.

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