Be doubts over the benefits of Google Fibre Network

Be Broadband, one of the leading home broadband providers operating in the United Kingdom has expressed its concerns over the recently announced 1GB super-fast fibre optic broadband internet network by search giant Google.

It had been announced that the search giant was planning to launch its 1GB fibre optic broadband network trial to around fifty thousand households in the United States of America, still citing the potential to extend it to as many as five hundred thousand homes across the country.

The fresh move from Google is never that insignificant as it is expected to deliver download speeds of more than twenty times faster that what is generally offered to consumers in the country presently. It is also much likely to be rolled out in the United Kingdom as well if the trial turns out to be successful.

However, broadband provider operating in the UK, Be Broadband is among the lot that believes that this may not be necessarily a good thing for Britain.

According to Tom Williams, Be’s operations head, the impact could very much be negative as this could end up in making one company extremely dominant making true web freedom obscure, although one the other hand it was great pushing boundaries as well as carrying on demonstrating the value of services with high bandwidth.

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