Be Broadband will not manage Traffic

Be Broadband, one of the leading internet service providers operating in the United Kingdom has reiterated its pledge of not artificially slowing down the connections to its subscribers. The internet service provider also avered that it hardly slowed down the broadband speeds of the people.

Some of the biggest broadband providers operating in the United Kingdom had earlier last week announced their willing to hemmer out a fresh voluntary code of conduct with a view to boost the user understanding of how traffic management was being carried out.

Public information on such practices will also be involved in the commitment in a general format for making it more convenient for comparing rival internet service providers by the prospective customers.

It is also refreshing to understand that satisfaction has been expressed by Be Broadband over the traffic managers’ finally planning to put their policies upfront. According to the broadband provider, the step should have been engaged earlier.

The strategy assumed by Be Broadband, according to the firm is that it does not resort to traffic management for slowing down the broadband connection of the customer. Furthermore, they also hardly slowed down particular services at certain hours of the day.

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