Balquhidder Community Broadband project nearing its final stage

The Balquhidder Community Broadband (CIC) project has been recently completed with installation of its final cabinet in the street for 1 Gbps based FTTP broadband community network. The project has been supported by the Stirling Council and the ISP Bogons.

The deployment was started in the beginning of 2018 and costing around £430,000 to reach nearly 200 premises of Balquhidder which is a very remote rural area. The happy news is that they have built recently the last street cabinet at the Mhor 84 motel in Kingshouse. It shows that their main network work has been finished.

BCB Director and Founder – Richard Harris said that they have completed most of the core network related works and there is left with building remaining extension works to reach Balquhidder Station, Immeroin and Inverlochlarig. There is required a work of digging pits in Inverlochlarig route which will be done in the coming week.

The project will have to see still more important challenges such as the A84 crossing and the ducting from Auchtubh to Mhor 84 which needs to be built and then only the fibre cable can be given from Auchleskine. After completion of such works, the team can be able to provide connections to all the properties in the east half of the glen.

The funding of the project was £100k by Bogons, £175k by Stirling council and £30k by the LEADER EU Scheme. The balance £130k is expected to be managed by Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme or other similar schemes.

As per their original plan, the work is expected to get over by December 2018. But due to the nature of the area, it is due to complete in Spring 2019. It is wonderful that the residents will need to pay only £35 a month and £135 as one-time fee towards installation to get unlimited 1Gbps capable network service.

It is to be noted that the INCA has awarded the project as Best Community Project for their 2018 Awards.

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