ASA to question BE Broadband on term ‘unlimited’

Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) might question BE Broadband on the grounds of terminating the services of a customer for excessive usage of services on unlimited package. He was given just 14 days of time to switch provider. Warning letters were being issued to customers highlighting excessive usage although no intimation regarding disconnection was issued.

At the same time BE Broadband has not made it clear regarding the level customers need to maintain regarding their usage to avoid disconnection. However, BE issues a very fair usage policy whereby customers are issued a warning to reduce the usage else the services may be terminated.

Based on the January 2013 report, the services of a customer belonging to Hackney telephone exchange was terminated following excessive usage which in fact the customer agreed to have used more than 1TeraByte during the month. On the contrary he claims to not have received any such prior warning letter.

ASA has questioned the meaning of the term ‘unlimited’ which actually means that customer will not be charged more or services will not be suspended for over usage. If so, the Fair Usage Policy may be re-defined suitably.

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