Arqiva got contract from North Yorkshire council

The North Yorkshire county council has awarded Arqiva – a communications infrastructure company, with a contract worth £1 million for bringing 4G network coverage and the network provider will be required to explore the best locations for construction of new masts in the rural parts of North Yorkshire.

Arqiva is an independent provider of building telecom towers having around 8000 active licensed sites and they are the only national provider of terrestrial TV and radio broadcasting services.

The council has said that many areas in North Yorkshire at present do not have 4G network coverage by any operators. With this new contract, the county council will expect Arqiva to complete their construction work in the new sites by March 2020 which will help to enable the operators Three UK, O2, EE, Vodafone to make use of them.

The work will be funded by the Local Growth Fund grant of the government and secured by the council through YNYER LEP – the York, North Yorkshire & East Riding Enterprise Partnership. The funds will be released to the network provider as and when they identify sites for mast and the mobile operator to render services with that site.

Executive Member for Access, Councillor Don Mackenzie said that the new contract shows their prospective step in their effort to expansion of high quality mobile network coverage for the residents & businesses in the region. The council is having good relationship with the mobile operators and they have been commended nationally for their approach. Bringing best and strong mobile network is very important for their support for creating and maintaining thriving communities in the areas of North Yorkshire.

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