Andrews & Arnold ISP slashed prices and increased broadband usage

Bracknell based Andrews & Arnold ISP has recently informed that they have reduced their prices of their home and small business broadband packages and given boost for usage.

The customers of their Home::1 package, which offers 2000 Gb usage plus copper line rental, starts from £45 inc. VAT per month for ADSL, superfast (FTTC/VDSL2) package at £55 and FTTP plan at £50 a month (not require copper line). However their basic plan Home::1 200GB service does not change. Whereas the ISP is offering the customers of Home::1 300GB to get upgraded to 2000GB for the same price.

If anyone gets phone/ copper line from other providers, there will be a reduction of £10 from the ADSL and VDSL product prices.

The changes in the small business packages (SoHo::1) are as below:

On SoHo::1 5TB package, there will be price fall by £5+VAT a month.

On SoHo::1 500GB, there will be price fall by £20+VAT a month.

On SoHo::1 400GB, there will be price fall by £10+VAT a month and Inclusive usage to go up to 500GB. So there will not be 400GB option.

On SoHo::1 300GB, there will be price fall by £10+VAT a month.

On SoHo::1 200GB, there is no change in price, but inclusive usage will go up to 300 GB. So no more 200 GB option.

Andrews & Arnold stated that many of their customers will get benefited from their price changes. Even the customers will get reflected with these price changes in their next billing itself if the customers are within term. All these changes is applicable to the customers of their Home::1 and SoHo::1 packages (ADSL, VDSL, FTTP or G.Fast). The customers can change their usage tariff even they are in minimum term period in their order page.

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